ALMA MATER is a Los Angeles-based visual studio dedicated to a tradition of beautifully executed and thoughtfully considered design, live action, and animation. As alumni of Imaginary Forces, Brian Mah, James Anderson and Ben Apley have worked closely together for years, developing a mutual trust and a shared design sensibility. The three principals run ALMA MATER under a common commitment: Pursue new opportunities with creative enthusiasm and a high level of technical execution across all media disciplines and platforms.



Brian Mah

VFX Supervisor

James Anderson

Durable Goods Live Action / Immersive media

A brand isn’t just something you choose, it’s something you feel. It’s an emotional reaction to an environment, an image, a product. That reaction sparks a decision and that decision can change behavior. These feelings are brought to life through the magic of storytelling and creative connections. Durable Goods partners with brands and agencies to create dynamic experiences that catch the attention of viewers, finding ways to break through at a time where marketing is everywhere. More than a production company, we are Durable.



Neil Tardio
Nicholaus Goossen
Anneke Schoneveld
Stephan Hadjam
Sue-Ling Braun
Nicholas Wenger
David Falossi II
Sebastien Guy

Hooligan Editorial / VFX

Hooligan is a creative post-production boutique that specializes in artistic offline editing and visual effects. They launched in 2011, rallying some of the industry’s top commercial and filmmaking talent under one roof. From Madison Avenue to Park City, their award-winning team has propelled an array of creative projects. Built around exceptional creative and experience, Hooligan’s manifesto is based on clean, old-fashioned loyalty. 



Alejandro Delgado
Eric Carlson
Erin Bowser
Kane Platt
Peter Mostert
Tom Schachte
Zach Hinden


Damien Oramas
Paul Marangos

Production For The People Live Action

Carolyn Chen is rewriting the rules for how everyone from big companies to small nonprofits and independent businesses go about telling their stories. Production For The People is a consortium of agile content creators with years in high-end advertising and storytelling who believe that creative ingenuity can be fueled by lower budgets and a simplified process. That’s the proposition Production for the People offers: in an era when almost anyone can call themselves a content creator, it takes skill, experience and deep connections to be able to create content that connects.


Content Creators

Carolyn Chen

Reframe the World Live Action

Founded on the belief that stories can impact change, Reframe the World practices authentic storytelling as a tool for sparking global conversations that can transform perspectives and change lives. The power of one voice has the ability to create movements. We’ve seen it throughout history. And we’re doing it through film. Let’s REFRAME the world together.



Bassam Tariq
Bennett Johnson
Kelsey and Shaun Boyte

Roger Live Action / Motion / Animation

Roger is a mixed-media production studio specializing in live action production, motion design & animation. Our visual storytelling is sincere, and our concepts are informed by the fundamental goal of creating clear communication that propels our clients’ brand-messaging in memorable ways. Our sensibilities are fun & quirky at heart, but our solutions are bold & intelligent. Every last detail of our work reflects our passion and enthusiasm for what we do. We’re Roger. Loud and clear.


ECD / Director

Terence Lee

CD / Director

Dane Macbeth

Table of Content Live Action

Table of Content is a creative collective, full-service production company comprised of: directors, designers, producers, writers, thinkers, photographers, and editors. They’re believers in every story they tell. ToC partners with agencies and brands to get to the core of their message, mine for human truths, and bring stories to life through the spirit of collaboration. They believe when like minds work together, the process is not only more enjoyable, the end results are more effective.



Aaron Kodz
Rick Knief
Sean Donnelly
Tom Krueger


roxanneandco. represents creative talent. We believe in the power of storytelling to affect change; and helping clients produce thought provoking, socially relevant work that can generate or join conversations that matter. Our team follows the guiding tenets of our namesake and founder, Roxanne Artesona: stay tenacious, integrity rules, be open minded, and always believe in your talent. A woman and minority-owned company, we seek opportunities for all.

Roxanne Artesona


+1 917 584 8235

Jeff Bowman


+1 914 806 1131

Roxanne Artesona

A lifelong New Yorker, Roxanne grew up in the Bronx attending The High School of Performing Arts and was a scholarship recipient at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and Gallatin School of Individualized Study, she translated her passion for the arts into an aptitude for recognizing and championing creative talent. She sincerely believes in everyone she represents with a personal investment in their success. Roxanne is proud to be a MAIP Coach for the 2017 summer program.



Jeff Bowman

Jeff’s skills in communications and creative thinking are rooted in his education in medicine. Sharp, analytical processes define an approach that aims to connect people, fostering opportunities and creating new relationships. Jeff has been a partner at roxanneandco. for over 15 years, bringing his expertise to bear on biz-dev and marketing campaigns, always seeking the impact worthy of his clients’ work.